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Summer Olympics

24 June – 09 July 2020

Work is well underway regarding the renovations at the Tokyo National Stadium for the Summer Olympics in 2020, so your plans to attend the event should be too! The Olympics is the world’s biggest stage for athletes from 200 nations, held every four years alternating between Summer and Winter two years apart. After the huge success of Japan’s 2019 Rugby World Cup, the spotlight is on Tokyo as host to provide another excellent array of sport of the highest quality, as well as show the rest of the world how truly amazing their city is in regards to its culture, food and shopping which the rugby fans experienced when making the trip to the Rugby World Cup campaign back in October 2019. To kick off this fabulous couple of weeks of sport, the iconic opening ceremony will include welcoming speeches, hoisting of the flags and the parade of athletes who will all be looking to take home a gold medal. Whether you would like to be there when the event starts on the 24th July, or at the back end to see the finals leading into the closing ceremony on the 9th August, our team are on hand to ensure your requirements are fulfilled.