Silent Auction Display


A silent auction is one of the most effective ways to raise additional funds at your charity event. Unlike a live auction, guests write their bid within brochures rather than signalling an auctioneer. It is extremely discreet and better still, it does not cost anything to run!

We use the traditional sealed bid technique which has consistently proven to raise more money for charity. This method allows multiple sales of auction items, a more efficient collection of funds, far less intrusion on the event and it will not take any focus away from the live auction. What’s more, there are no fees to pay whatsoever.

Here are some of the main reasons to use Impulse Decisions to deliver your silent auction:

 We do not charge any fees! All costs are built into the reserve prices;
 100% of the bids above the reserve price are profit for the charity;
 We specialise in luxury auction lots;
 We include free design and printing as part of the service;
 We can incorporate donated charity items at no cost;
 Our staff are highly experienced in fundraising;
 We provide a detailed financial breakdown post-event;
 The silent auction will not interfere with any other event activity;
 We do not pressure your guests into bidding.

We ensure that the silent auction is delivered to enhance the event experience for your guests. Our luxury items will create a great atmosphere between guests as they browse their brochures and bid with excitement. Our team are always on hand to support your guests when needed and to answer any of the questions that are asked about the items. The silent auction is an incredibly simple process that lends itself well to almost every type of event.

How our Silent Auctions work

The traditional sealed bid approach using brochures will minimise the impact on your event AND maximise the funds raised from the silent auction.

Pre event, we design and print one brochure for every guest filled with a range of our luxury auction lots. On the day of the event, we bring items to create a showcase display and place a brochure on every seat for when guests join their tables. We then deliver a streamline service to generate as much money as possible for your charity and enhance event the experience for your guests.

Silent Auction Delivery

 As guests arrive there will be some items displayed, giving us the opportunity to introduce the silent auction and generate interest from guests;
 Once seated, guests will find a brochure placed on their seats, which they will use to submit their bids;
 As guests enjoy a break between courses, members of staff will circulate the room and answer questions about our range of luxury auction lots. This allows guests to gain a further insight into what is on offer;
 As the evening runs, bidders will complete the silent auction brochures which then get collected by our staff at the end of the meal;
 Once all the brochures are in, our team inform the highest bidders that they have won, collect payment and inform them how to redeem their prize;

PLEASE NOTE – having a silent Auction at your event WILL NOT conflict with the main auction. Technology for your auction (iPads/tablets) is available upon request.

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